Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boston Memento II

The highlight of the trip would definitely be the zombie parade we bumped into outside of the south station right after we arrived Boston. To my husband, it was like a dream come true^_^ I snapped a tons of shots of the zombies including the ones in which husband got bitten by zombies…I was so amused and amazed by those talented “zombies”! But I chose to only post two pictures of the “zombies” who were dressed in a less terrifying but cute way. It is all because…you know…this is still more of a FASHION blog, no disturbing pictures for my dear readers please ^_*


  1. 妈呀,海军小伙太帅了。口水花花地。。

  2. I've never been to boston but I'd love to!
    Zombie parade??

  3. I can feel your happiness from these pictures. :)

  4. Hahaha! Ive stumbled upon a zombie parade myself! It was crazy. blocks and blocks of them.


  5. I'm glad you had fun in Boston. Freedom trail is one of my favorites too. Like the photoes a lot. I never could take such good ones.

  6. Thank you for sharing those beautiful moments. They bright up my day! :-)

  7. @waywewere, Haha~ same feeling here ^_^

    @Francesca R, Yes, "zombie" parade, and it seems more fun when you have no idea it is happening before you get there.

    @bellring, thank you sweetie. It is always happy to see the joyful people enjoying their holidays, isn't it?

    @Sophia, lol...yeah...blocks and blocks of them, no kidding:D

  8. @Mix and Match, Thank you^_^ Boston has its own historical charm!

    @q9y8, Thank you for stopping by, dear~

    @Michelle, It is fantastic:D


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