Friday, June 8, 2012

I am back

My Dear Readers, 

It has been almost a year since I paused blogging. 
I surely missed you all! 
So many things have happened in my life during this year.
And the most wonderful thing among them all is right here with me.

Yes, I am taking on a whole new role in my life now.

And this is my little Mr. Precious 

who fills my life with unimaginable happiness everyday!

This piece of land is still going to be my fashion land.
So here you go with the details:

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James "Fairfax"
Watch: Michael Kors
Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent "Le Orange" #13

Wish everyone a beautiful weekend!


  1. Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! And welcome back! You were greatly missed. Looking forward to more amazing updates.

  2. Sailing at TahoeJune 8, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Welcome you back! have been looking forward to your updating for long time! Congratulations to you for the big accomplishment! !! Your baby is so cute! You are always dressing in good taste. I like the dress very much!

  3. OMG!!!!! Congrats!! I know what you mean, I am a mom too!!
    Welcome back!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. Hi, love! Great post!
    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog, you are invited to participate!


  5. Welcome back! What a cute little one and you are one hot mama. ^_* Hope both of you are doing fine! Hugssss~~~

    1. Hug back, dear q9y8. My little one is 4 and half months old now. How about yours? Baby grows so fast, this little one surprises me every day:D

  6. Great dress and what an adorable kid you got there !!

  7. exactly as I expected. You look gorgeous! Your baby is so cute!

    1. Dear, I have another news for you. We will move to the same city with you next month. I am so looking forward to hanging out with you in the future <3

  8. YAY!! Welcome back! You look so happy with a little present in your arms! :)

    xo, sam


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