Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Spring Pumpkin

Top: Zara
Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: Nine West
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff
Belt: Banana Republic
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Rings: Forever 21
Pearl: Gifted from mom

Husband said this outfit reminded him of halloween.
I know what he really meant was I looked like a pumpkin~~~
(which is kinda true...LOL...)
Well~ you don't see pumpkins often in spring, right?
And that is probably why he took a lot more shots than usual today @_@


  1. Spring arrived! What a nice mix and matching!

  2. I've been waiting to see this skirt, what will you call the color? I'd call it peacock green :) Orange looks great with it.
    Look at the nipped waist!!!!!!

  3. wow, you are so skinny!! Look at your waist!! Like this orange and green combination.

  4. The skirt are stunning!Very sleek looking, love it.

  5. @Linda, Spring arrived so late this year~
    @Yi, I will call it peacock green too:D The waist seems smaller because of the volume of the shirt and the skirt^_^
    @Joana, littlebellring, Mix and Match, Thanx a lot for your sweet comments!

  6. I've just found your blog and I love your style :) Also, The skirt is gorgeous and I love the contrast between green and orange !

    Huuugs !

  7. adore this maxi skirt! the color is gorgeous! i gotta check out the AA website now!

  8. @ lulia Romana, Thank you sweetie & Hug back~!

    @ Backyard Runway welcome Mia, I love the skirt so much that I got in three colors:P

    @ From Broadway, Welcome and thanks a lot~~

  9. Ok, i am definately addicted to this skirt! Such a beautiful color, I need to have this. Weather looks lovely too, great outfit for a sunny spring day :)

  10. oh my what a color combination, love love love it. the movement of the skirt is simple perfect. love the shiny fabric. it looks so gorgeous and precious. i am such a huge fan of a sweater combined with a skirt, so your outfit rocks. fabulous that you have combined it with smashing nude heels

  11. I love your skirt dear! It looks amazing ;-)


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